Monoprice Select Mini Consumer Ratings

e have searched many online shopping sites and read the reviews of consumers who bought this device, to understand their experience. A majority of consumers rated high for this printer. They are happy with the features it offers for the price, easy of use and compact size. About 20% of the consumers not satisfied and rated low against this device mainly because of the issues they encountered with the initial set up, clogging on the Nozzle and not so detailed manual. Some of the consumers are not liked the cooling fan and power supply box.

However, many of them mentioned that support from the manufacturer is quick and technical team were helpful. There were no issues in getting replacements when they find some defective parts and returned them.


Monoprice Select Mini-115365 Price

he MP price is unbeatable and less compared to its counterparts in its category.  It is a real bargain considering its great features of build quality, amazing print resolution, heated build plate, and durability.  With its low cost, it is easy for you to get started as a new user. As mentioned earlier you will need to spend only on filaments on regular basis and very less on other major maintenance expenses involved.



you are just getting into 3D printing, it is probably the best choice for you to own this as a first step into it. You will get much better quality prints matching with more expensive printers.

As a beginner, the price you pay for this product is very little considering the joy and excitement you can have as an owner of it bringing all those creations to life. Though its print bed is relatively smaller in size, you can have great fun and trouble free printing experience.

This product could be a great gift to surprise someone you love. An affordable choice of printers for projects in school labs.

If you want to learn deeper level technology intricacies while building a DIY 3d printer or want to print large size objects then this product is not for you. You can consider other models like Monoprice 113860 Maker Select or REPRAPGURU DIY RepRap Prusa I3 3D Printer.



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